Maunfacturer of paintball markers, Training aids and less lethal devices.

Spirit and Philosophy

Maxtact devotes itself to developing and manufacturing products to the highest quality for the paintball industry, training / less lethal and electronics.

Our R series makers have been at the forefront of the magfed industry since it’s conception. The design and ease of maintenance as well as realistic fell make it a great platform for training and less lethal use.

We strive to give any of our customers the best possible cutting edge product. We manufacture in the area of CNC milling, mold making, electronics as well as coating just to name a few.

If you have any product development needs, Please email:

MAXTACT: for Factory assitance.

About Us

MAXTACThas and is currently manufacturing OEM product for other paintball companies as our quality is second to none.

We manufacture a line of Training and Less lethal aids for Military and Law enforcement that is being used all over the world. With our years of manufacturing and design expertise we also product OEM products for other companies. We can help make your project a reality.

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James Chan - CEO Maxtact International
No.1, Ln. 73, Sec. 2, Zhongshan Rd., Tanzi Dist., Taichung City 42755, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Phone: +886-986-010852
TEL: +886-4-2531-0025
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